The story of Mohammad’s epiphany interests me.  He would go off to a cave and meditate on a regular basis.  One day he felt the breath being squeezed out of him and was told to “recite”.  He resisted; he was not a scholar but a simple man and perhaps even illiterate.  He called the squeezing out of his breath wrestling with an angel and I think he was feeling his own difficulty breathing, a deep physical kind of awareness.  His release was also his liberation and his inspiration.  Most of that inspiration went into the Koran and the religion he established.  There is no denying theRead More →

  Lazy Man Yoga.  5 postures in 5 minutes on a roller.  No strain, no pain, no exertion.  Let gravity do the work.  Learn to surrender and let go.  Find your capacity for Peace, Ease, Rest.  Read More →

 It is Interesting that early researchers into our physiology should have called and named the stress inducing aspect of our nervous system “sympathetic” which usually has a positive connotation in our language.  It is the strong emotional side to our functioning; what is usually referred to as “the fight or flight response”.  It is the basic strong stress response that energizes and mobilizes the body for action and exertion. Unfortunately in our civilized world the response is still the same as it was for our distant ancestors, but without the usual physical exertions that it prepares us for.   It tends now to create tensions andRead More →

Our brain can be experienced as a sponge and that sponge can be squeezed and pressurized and needs blood and energy to function.  There is a whole system of body awareness and bodywork called “Polarity” that focuses on where the energy and charge is located in the body and being able to manipulate it.  Often our brain “pole” is charged and energized and needs to be to function, but there are times when it is necessary to discharge and drain the brain, sleep is one of the opportunities and deep rest and relaxation is another.  The sensation can be one of cooling and depressurizing the head ifRead More →

Inclined towards activity and accomplishment aren’t you. Most people in our culture are so inclined.   I am more interested in when activity ceases but consciousness remains, also known as rest and relaxation, hence the inordinate amount of  time I spend experimenting with such states in my recliner.  I think of myself as an explorer in the world of the three Rs, Rest, Relaxation, and Release.  When activity ceases but consciousness remains could also be called meditation.  Interesting things can happen.   Awareness can take some interesting turns when we are rendered still and immobile. Read More →

 Apex pharmacy here in Hamden is a drug store and surgical supply shop not far from where I live.   I was there a couple of days ago to pick up some medicine and noticed they had greatly expanded their display of lift recliners.  These are the type of recliners that will aid in lifting you up onto your feet. They must have had close to a dozen of them lined up at the front of the store.   I am tempted to get one to reduce even further the strain of getting out of a recliner.  I think recliners might even be better than a bed for the purpose of relaxationRead More →

Blackie slipping off into her morning reverie and meditation.  Eyes at half mast, body supremely relaxed, the sun shining on her back.  My guess is she hasn’t a care in the world right now.  Read More →

Time magazine this week has an interesting short article on what science has discovered that can improve our Happiness Quotient or H.Q., (my designation not the articles). It is in the October 12, 2015 issue on page 28. But in a very abridged form here are the five basic recommendations, from scientific research, that can improve our Happiness Quotient: 1.Plan pleasant and enjoyable experiences. 2.Calmness bests excitement on the H.Q. scale. 3.Indulge your senses and the pleasures they can deliver. 4.Modest expectations have the best outcome.  5. Savor all the big and little pleasures life has to offer.  Allan  Read More →

There was a feature on the afternoon news yesterday about the “MELT” system.  Two very attractive, young females demonstrated how to put a foam roller under your hips and then pull the legs up with your knees towards your chest.  Using rollers has made it into the main stream it seems.  MELT is a technical acronym for what the system purports to do, which is to loosen and relax muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, improve nerve functions, and create a more open and better physical alignment.  But I like the name particularly because it also suggests what is really happening. We are melting, softening, letting go, surrendering forRead More →

LAZY MAN The Lazy Man is learning to relax. To rest and to surrender. The Lazy Man is finding his balance Between activity and rest, Between movement and stillness. “Peace, Ease, and Rest” Is his catch phrase. The Lazy Man is not looking for a fight But to end the struggle. Compassion is his religion. =Read More →